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Protests bring production to a halt

A client in Denmark was suffering from protests organised by a local union-style group targeting their main facilities. For the main part the protests had been peaceful and caused only minimal disruption for the business. However that changed when threats were issued against executives and facilities by fringe elements that joined the protests.

We were tasked to provide assistance to the Client's management locally deploying a team to assist with the management of this growing concern.

Following a full risk-assessment and detailed discussion with the client and local law-enforcement it was decided that a low profile security team would be deployed with each executive for the duration of the protests.

Crisis management and evacuation plans were also developed for the Client and, during a day of quite intense protest, were actioned evacuating all staff from two facilities to local holding/ safe areas until the protests had subsided.

Although there was some disruption to production there were no reported losses or damage to any facility or assets and all personnel were accounted for and secured.

In the weeks that followed detailed talks were held with the Client, law enforcement and the protest organisers that resulted in the end of the protests and the resumption of unhindered operations.

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