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Hamas made bigger achievements than we imagine, ex-Israel general says

#Hamas made bigger achievements during the latest aggression on #Gaza than can be imagined, Haaretz reported a former senior general in the Israeli Air Force saying yesterday.

Reserve Brigadier General Assaf Agmon said that there was no need to look far to recognise Hamas' achievements.

"The #Palestinian issue, mainly that of Gaza, returned to being the top agenda after we had persuaded ourselves along with some countries that this issue was fading."

"Now, Hamas is seen as the central leader among the Palestinians, even in the #WestBank and the countries in the #MiddleEast. We made it the main factor in the conflicts in the territories of the Palestinian Authority, first and foremost in #Jerusalem. Even in #Israel, we found that Hamas has a top place."

The former Israeli general, who took part in the 1973 war against #Egypt, added: "Hamas was deterred only in our eyes, but practically, it is increasing its power from one battle to another."

He stressed that the Chief of Staff, who is hailing the Israeli attack on Gaza as a victory, is pushing the political leadership to continue on its wrong path.

"What happened was not a draw, but a loss that they are trying to sell to us as achievements," he said, adding: "The worst thing is that it makes us ignore the setbacks and not learn lessons. This leads us to a major defeat in a multi-battlefield war."

Cartoon [Sabaaneh/MiddleEastMonitor]

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